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In celebrating the union of two people committed to each other for life, the Christian community sees a public covenant between a man and a woman to live their lives as faithful Christians in the world and the establishment of a “domestic church” for the raising of children as faithful Christians. Because the public and Christian nature of this union is emphasized in the Rite of Christian Marriage, the ceremony must take place in the church building, for the couple are expressing a desire to begin a new status and way of life within the Christian community. The presence of a priest or deacon is required for Catholic marriages; they serve as official witnesses of the church, as the couple themselves administer the sacrament to each other.

Preparing for Marriage

As Catholics, we take the responsibility of marriage very seriously. That’s why we provide a period of preparation to ensure that the new couple begins married life with all possible benefits. And because they are beginning a new role in the Christian community, they should be married in their own parish church. 

Please contact your Parish Priest at least 6 months prior to the wedding.  

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