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Does the Bible Say How We Should Worship God?

On this video from Catholic Answers, Apologist Karlo Broussard gives evidence from the Last Supper, the Acts of the Apostles, and the epistles of St. Paul for why offering the holy sacrifice of the mass is the primary way God wants us to worship Him.

Do Catholics Worship Saints?

Father Mike Schmitz wants to address some confusion regarding Catholics’ veneration of saints. In this video from AP, he explains how—far from idolatry or paganism —statues, paintings, and icons of the saints are reminders of what God can do in someone’s life. Therefore, honoring the saints doesn’t take away from the glory we give God. It actually brings him greater glory. 

Is Mary Essential to Christian Worship?

The Catechism of the Catholic Church claims that devotion to Mary is essential to Christian worship. Tim Staples of Catholic Answers gives the two main reasons (with biblical evidence) why the Church makes this claim.


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